DH Benelux Journal is the official journal of the DH Benelux community, which fosters collaboration between researchers in the digital humanities in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Every year, a Call for Papers is distributed at the DH Benelux conference, inviting accepted authors to rework their presentations into full-length articles, which are subjected to a single-blind peer review process. There are no charges for publishing an article with the journal. For more information on the submission process, please refer to our Submissions page.

Aims and Scope: The DH Benelux community welcomes researchers in the humanities, the social sciences, and the heritage sector who use digital methods in their scholarly work. Additionally, the community – and by extension, the journal – aims to be an accessible avenue for publication to researchers in all stages of their career. MA/PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who have had an abstract accepted at this year’s DH Benelux conference are warmly invited to submit a manuscript to the journal.

The journal publishes one issue per year. and was was launched in 2019. To read past issues, go to Volumes.

To find out more about our editorial board and annual guest editors, go to Editorial Board.